Your Story Matters!

I was recently driving past a local bank and on the sign outside it said, “Your Story Matters!”  That is so true in life,
and in the world of Real Estate.  Your story does matter!  As a Realtor, I am here to help you write just a part of your story.  I want to find you that home or second home that you can make memories in and will always be part of your story.  If part of that story is that the second home has to make some income to support it, that can be possible.  Maybe you are at the beginning of your story, looking for your first home – that’s great!  Maybe you are more in the middle of your story, and the home you are in was great for raising your children, but they are all in stories of their own now and you need to downsize – I can help you figure all of that out.  Maybe your story took a turn you didn’t expect – not so much a surprise ending as a turning point that took you by surprise – that, too, can be figured out. Or maybe you are even farther along in your story, and even your small home or condo is not working any longer and it is time to move to assisted living – I can help with that too.  Our stories are our lives being played out with all of our friends, family, neighbors – all being part of that story.  If you, or anyone in your story, needs the help of a Realtor – just let me know!  I would love to be a part of your story – and I will never forget that it is YOUR story.

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Why I Do What I Do

I had a tremendous experience in December that really helped me realize why I do what I do – that is, why I am a Realtor.  I helped my daughter and her boyfriend purchase their first home.  There were a few ups and downs during the search, like the time we pulled up to a home to view and there were shingles all over the ground!  Yikes!  And there were a few things that had to get cleared for the lender, like them thinking my credit card was a second credit card of my daughter’s.  We made it through and sat at the closing table at 5:30 PM on a Wednesday (with a great and accommodating attorney, I might add), so that she and her boyfriend could become the owners of their first home.  Since then there has been painting, new appliances, painting, new flooring, painting, new garage door opener – oh, and did I mention painting?

They are happy to be in a place they can call their own and in a property where they can build equity rather than paying rent.  More importantly, they are in a home where they can make memories and build a life.  That is why I do what I do – to help people achieve their dreams and goals, whatever those may be.  Yes, I also do it because my husband suggested it all those years ago, but I do it because I like to help.  I like being a help to those that want to buy a new home or second home/condo for new memories with the people important to them, or help those selling their home where they have made lots of memories to move on to the next stage of their lives.  I like helping by explaining the process, by showing properties, by showing people around this great area, by helping people determine their options, by just being there to help.

If you would like Karen to help you realize your goal of selling or owning a home or condo, please use the contact form below.