I Did It Myself

I moved to St. Augustine (for the second time) in June of 2000. We had purchased a lot and had a custom home built that had 4 bedrooms and 3 baths on the main level, along with a bonus and bath upstairs. It had a sunroom area, formal dining, formal living – that we turned into an office and a 3 car garage. We were in a nice neighborhood and had a .5 acre lot that was fenced for the kids and the dog. That home worked very well for us for a lot of years – 17 in fact. We had room for all of our visitors, and for all of the kids’ friends for sleepovers and birthday parties.

Then the kids grew up and went away to college. One even bought her own home with her boyfriend. We were in 3200 sq.ft. of home and only using 2000 sq.ft. of it.

It can be a very difficult decision to move from a home you have lived in for 17 years. I know. We did it. We liked our neighbors and neighborhood, but the home and lot was just more than we needed.

So, we looked for something just a bit smaller in an area that we liked with a smaller yard. You know what? It worked. The home is just the right size for now, but not too big. We don’t have to maintain, heat/cool, and clean more square footage than we are using. The process went fairly smoothly, but not without challenges. Was the house perfect?  No. There were some things that we upgraded or improved. There were some expenses that we did not expect. But, all in all, the experience has been a good one. We love our new home. We are getting to know our new neighbors.  We still have some room for friends and our kids to visit. We made the decision that was right for us, and, you know what? It wasn’t as hard to move from that large home as I thought it would be – and I don’t miss it near as much as I thought I would. I guess we made the right decision!

Think you may be in the same or similar time in your life? Let me know how I can help!

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