To Buy or Not to Buy – That is the Question

So, you have decided that it is time to move. Your current home no longer meets your needs, for whatever reason, and you want to market your current home for sale and find a new one.

What is the process? Well, that kind of depends on you and how you want the process to go.

Buy your future home, then sell your current home. Market your current home for sale, while shopping for your future home. Sell your current home and rent for some amount of time while you shop for and purchase your new home.

Your financial situation may dictate much of how this works. If you simply cannot afford to buy your future home before selling your current one, then that decision is made for you. Also, if you will need to sell your current home and close that loan prior to qualifying for a new home loan, again, that may be decided for you.

It is possible to have a somewhat simultaneous closing. I say “somewhat” because you will still need a few days to a week where you can store all of your personal belongings while you move out, clean and close on your current home and get closed on your new home.

Lastly, if you are just moving across town, that can be a much easier situation than moving across the country. I know, because I have done both. Each time we made it work, but each came with different decisions and challenges.

If you are thinking through the process and want to talk it out, just give me a call and let me know how I can help!

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