Playing Tourist in My Own Town

My oldest brother and his wife visited a couple of weekends ago and I offered to take a day off and go with them, ifthey wanted. They were only going to be here a couple of days on their way to other parts of Florida. It was their first time here too, even though I have been here 17 years or so, but that is another story and I think they now realize the error in their ways. The main reason I offered, was so I could play tourist in my own town . . . and to spend time with them, of course. We first visited the Fountain of Youth park. I hadn’t been there in a few years. Actually, it may have been since my youngest was in the 4th grade on a field trip, since that is the year they learn State history. I remembered the Navigator’s Planetarium and the Discovery Globe, and, of course, the peacocks roaming around, but they had additional exhibits and demonstrations that were very enjoyable. Then we went to the Castillo de San Marcos, or, as most people say, The Fort. We were on the top deck and the Spanish soldiers were making their way up the steps to perform a cannon firing. My brother turned and said to me, “How many times have you already seen this? Don’t you get tired of it?” I answered pretty quickly – not how many times, because who knows? But, I did say that I never get tired of it. I have visited a lot of our tourist areas with friends and family over the years – the Lighthouse, the Alligator Farm, downtown, The Fort, and others, and each time I learn something new and each time I really enjoy the sights and sounds of history. I feel very fortunate that I get to live in such a beautiful town with so much history to experience and learn every day, and, when family and friends come to visit.


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